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egyptian president mohamed morsi's trial is underway in cairo. this is a live look outside the courthouse where a large group of people have gathered. mohamed morsi is accused of in citing the murder of protesters. he says his ousting by the military was an illegal move. >> secretary of state john kerry is in the saudi arabia. he will meet with saudi arabia's king abdullah to discuss the syrian crisis, turmoil in egypt and concerns over iran's noouk lee program. secretary kerry met with egyptian officials. >> the shooting at los angeles international airport, the gunman talked with police moments after the rampage. cincinnati tolds them he acted alone, the admission coming after he was shot by officers. paul ciancia killed a t.s.a. employee on friday. he's in critical condition and under 24 hour civil rans. >> a record number of runners ran in the new york city marathon. tighter security was in place in the night of boston marathon. the race was cancelled last year because of superstorm sandy. >> those are the head lines, "real money" with ali velshi is up next. why howard buffet, son of
. >>> the trial of egyptian president mome mohammed morsi was adjourned the first day of the trial because of the defendant chanting. egypt's official news agency says morris say arrived by helicopter at a police academy. he is be being charged with incitement of violence and murder. he was previously being held in an unknown military location. >>> well the president is going to hit the road this week and trying to improve the image of his healthcare plan. he is going to meet with volunteers in dallas. >> this comes as 55% of americans say they now have enough information to understand the law's impact on their family. susan mcginniss has more. >> reporter: president obama hits the road this week to build public support for the affordable healthcare act. sunday a senior white house aide insisted the president was told the website would work. >> the website repeatedly crashed in the first month and was down for repairs this weekend. a new poll shows 48% of americans surveyed believe the government has done a poor job of implementing the healthcare law. >> the website failures are absolutely
to the country since the ousting of former president mohamed morsi back in july. the secretary making the unannounced trip on the first leg of a 9-day tour through the middle east and north africa. connor powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan with more. connor? >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in cairo today during what he described as turbulent times. the relationship between egypt and the united states in recent months has been needless to say rocky since the military coup. but kerry insisted the united states is a friend and partner to the egyptian government and to the people. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup
of support for deposed president mohammed morsi. they filled the streets and denounced morsi's upcoming trial, due to start monday. there were even chants calling for the execution of the military chief who led the coup against morsi. >> (translated): this trial is void because the military coup is void and has no legitimacy. this should never, ever happen not even over our dead bodies. we will never accept a traitor and his accomplish to rule egypt. >> (translated): this is not a trial. until now, no lawyer has been able to meet him and no volunteer has been able to take a copy of the papers of the case. this is not a trial, this is a farce. >> woodruff: the military-backed government has cracked down on morsi supporters since he was ousted in july. secretary of state john kerry acknowledged today that u.s. surveillance overseas has crossed the line at times. the admission followed disclosures that the national security agency monitored german chancellor angela merkel's communications, and tracked phone calls and e-mails across europe. kerry addressed the issue, over video link, for a confer
: it was a rocket first day of trial for outed egyptian president mohammed morsi. morsi told the court had no authority to put him on trial while outside a group of protesters and supporters tussled with the police. forcing the judge to adjourn the whole thing until january. there is that. >> the state department looking intlookinto what happened at be. they interviewed them. the number of who has explained the family are they being straight and honest with you about the obama administration. i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide an irresponsible way those who lived in benghazi what happened to four, during after. bill: threatening to block the nomination of all nominees until congress is allowed to talk to the survivors of the attack in gaza. kt mcfarland now fox news national security analyst, nice to see you. he says i shouldn't have to do this to make these threats. why does he have to be? >> the administration will not let the survivors testify. why won't you let the survivors testify? if they don't get permission from the gov
lorne greene with your fox news minute. the trial it is proposed mohammed morsi began today but was quickly dismissed. morsi says those who overthrew him should be the ones facing charges. his trial resumes in january. :-) nationals have been charged in connection with the deadly terror attack on the mall in kenya. 57 people died in the seas. they claim response ability for the attack. the lax shootings remain under heavy sedation as he recovers from four gunshot wounds. it accused of opening fire at the airport on friday killing a tsa officer and wounding three others. the fbi says the gunman had a handwritten letter outlining his plan to kill multiple tsa officers. and those are your news headlines on the fox business network. now back to dagen and connell. dagen: a great stock market rally this year a bubble in disguise. connell: who is talking about bubbles this year? liz of black rock thing we are in bubble territory. he has a note out there saying it is getting frothy, man. they are seeing massive fund inflows into the stock i have not seen since the year 2000. that is
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around the world today. supporters of egyptian ousted president mohammed morsi. he was ousted on charges of inciting murder. >>> we told you about sophisticated border tunnel between san diego and tijuana. we have video of the tunnel that might have been used to smuggle drugs from the united to the und states from mexico. >>> we have the video of the lantern festival. jon: president obama coming under intense criticism in recent stays for pleading ignorance to a couple major controversies slamming his administration. as peter baker explains it in the opinion pages of "the new york times," president obama finds himself under fire these days both for the botched rollout of his signature health care program and secret spying on allied heads of state. in both instances his explanation roughly boils down to this, i didn't know. and scott wilson is calling him out in the "washington post", quote, nearly a year into his second-term president obama has yesterday yet to master the management information in his administration that failure left him knowing too little at times about the issues that
dishes delicious. >>> welcome back. time for quick headlines. this morning day one of trial for mohammed morsi. it was quickly adjourned already delayed two hours when morsi refused to change into the traditional prison uniform. >>> it's getting harder for americans to sign up for obamacare. the website will go off-line for an extended maintenance every night as programmers try to fix the marketplace. >> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. it is one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in history. who killed jfk? a shocking book out today now claims not only did lyndon johnson know about the plot, he was the mastermind behind kennedy's murder. political consultant and strategist roger stone is the author of "the man who killed kennedy: the case against l.b.j." joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> steve. >> i thought it was lee harvey oswald. why do you say it was his own vice president? >> johnson had unique motives, means and opportunity. he was a man facing being dumped from the ticket and federal prosecution -- >> wait a minute. what do you mean he was going
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)